New floor tiles can be one of many factors that result in needing to trim a door to allow it to open and close freely. Correctly cutting down the door frame guarantees that the door remains structurally sound and performs as designed. Cutting too deep into a door slab eliminates strength and ruins the door. Read how to correctly achieve the desired outcome below…

If the doors open inwards and you’re raising the floor by applying a tile adhesive, you may not be able to get the door open. If this is the case in your home, push the door shut and then place a tile right up against it. 

Once you have done this, take a second tile, which will allow for your bed of adhesive, and draw a line along the door. This acts as a measurement for your cut, which is typically about 16-18mm. 

Once you’ve taken your measurement, unscrew the hinges from the door frame and place it on two work benches, clamping them both down so they don’t move. 

Using a straight edge, draw over the line so you can see it a bit clearer. Then pop a dusk mask on and some safety specs before making your cut. 

Use an 18mm circular saw to make your cut. Line it up into position, hold the door steady, and this will give you a nice smooth cut. If you do not have a circular saw, a hand saw will be fine. A blade this size can easily get through a 44mm door. 

Once it’s cut you will need to sand the edge off. You can either use a power sander like myself or a hand sander. This will smooth any splinters off the cut edge. 

Now that the door is cut down to size, rehang it. If you don’t have anybody to help you lift the door into position, you may need to wedge it up. Drive those screws firmly back into the frame. 

Place your two tiles back onto the floor, just to double check that you have the clearance over the top of the tiles.

Whatever type of flooring you choose, whether its laminate, engineered, LVT or real wood, it could potentially raise the height of your floor, so we hope you have found this blog helpful. For the full ‘how to’ video, head over to our YouTube channel ‘Mr and Mrs DIY’ and if you just wanna know more about the products we’ve been using head over to –