In this blog, I’m going to explain how to seal around external garage door frames.

Around the sides of the garage door frame where it meets the brickwork, there are some small gaps that need to be filled with a high quality sealant such as 3C Sealant’s GP Silicone. It’s a general purpose silicone, which will make the doors more air tight, weatherproof, as well as reduce sound travelling through.

Give your finger a little clean with a silicone wipe and then smooth off the surface. You don’t have to worry too much about what the gaps looks like at the moment, as these will be covered eventually with a plastic bead. 

If you have larger gaps, fill these first with an expanding foam, allow that to dry and then it can be covered. Around the top side of the frame, cover the gaps with a plastic PVC bead. Mitre the corners at 90 degrees, fixing them down with a multi-use all in one sealant. The colour I personally used was crystal clear, but it’s also available in white and anthracite. 

Now the beads are fixed into position, you can carry on with the rest of your woodwork preparation. Give the boards a quick scrub with some sugar soaps, dry it and then sand them down. 

If you have cracks and gaps in the door, get yourself a quick filler such as those made by 3C Sealants and fill in any cavities using a scraper. The filler dries normally between 1-2 hours and then you can give it a quick sanding down. If you’re using a quick fill outdoors, make sure its dried and sealed with a weatherproof sealant before you start to paint.

You can apply your paint using one of three different methods: a paintbrush, a roller or a handheld paint sprayer. We advise to paint the doors and frames a different colour.

Once your paint is dry, apply another line of crystal clear multi-use silicone around the outside edge of the plastic frame where it meets the brickwork. This will seal it off completely. Then give your fingers another clean with the silicone wipes.

And that’s your garage door frames now complete. If you’d like to learn more about 3C products visit the website – 

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