This course is a great way to learn new trade skills for maintaining and improving the look, value and security of your own home. Our home are often the Biggest investment we will make in our lives, It’s our responsibility to look after it and maintain it so that it looks better, lasts longer and increase it’s value. Our workshops will teach you how to use a different drills safely, apply raw plugs and screws for putting picture and mirrors on the walls, Along with fitting shelves whichever type of walls you have at home we’ll have it covered, You’ll be taught about the correct drill bits, plugs, screws and fixings to use for all projects

  • Fit new window and door locks.
  • Remove and apply new silicon sealant around the bath/shower and kitchen work tops.
  • Wall papering a feature wall and removing old paper.
  • Preparing walls old walls ready to ether paint or wallpaper.
  • Unblocking the kitchen sink, bath and shower traps or U bends.
  • Showing you how to turn off your hot and cold Water, Gas and Electric supplies incase of an emergency.
  • Change door handles and locks, also kitchen cupboard doors and draw fronts to revamp your kitchens.
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Workshop Details

Location: Liverpool L34 area. Once booked, you’ll be provided with an exact address.

Please note: Hot and cold drinks will be supplied throughout the course of the day and a light lunch will be supplied around 12.30 at no additional fee. On completion of all course all students will come away satisfied and competent that they can safely use all the tools and materials for the task in hand. Written literature will also be supplied listing all tools and materials required for each task.


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